Today more than ever, it’s become crucial to ensure that your house is safe and your household items are protected at all times. The main entry points of the home from where the trespassers can get in are the back and the front doors. As such, make sure you choose only the most credible Vancouver locksmith service company that fits your budget. Cost-efficiency is important, but try not to sacrifice your property and valuables just to save a few bucks here and there.

Choose only the most credible Vancouver locksmith service company.

Here are three ways you can ensure your front door is more secure:

  • Get a quality, durable front door

The first step in front door safety is to make sure your front door is physically safe and has key features to make it a reliable and secure entry point. Inspect your front door based on a few criteria including quality, lock effectiveness and door visibility to see if you can make any more improvements if necessary.

Check that an existing deadbolt on your door has intact strike plates that make the door more difficult to kick in. If the only lock that your front door has is a standard door lock, consider other types of more secure door locks such as deadbolts and smart door locks.

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Consider other types of more secure door locks such as smart door locks.

Always opt for a solid-core door so that it is heavier and more difficult to break into. If you’re unsure whether you have a solid-core or hollow door, knock on the door’s material to see if it sounds empty. If your door is hollow, it is worth looking into security front doors for homes to replace your current hollow home door with a safer front door.

Solid-core doors are often made of either steel, wood or fibreglass and are much more sturdy than a hollow door. This is an easy initial step to protecting your home.

It is best to avoid transparent glass on your front door as clear glass allows individuals outside of the home to easily see who and what is inside the home. In addition, glass is easy to break through. If you want glass accents on your front door, consider entry doors with small glass accents at the top of the door and opaque glass that prevents a clear line of sight into your home. 

  • Add a home security system

Thieves are known to check for home security systems before entering. Therefore, enhancing your ability to monitor activity around your home can make security features even more helpful. Security monitoring features allow you to detect suspicious activity and respond in reaction. Door/window sensors and outdoor cameras enhance your external home security and drive out those with poor motives.

Front door security cameras can add an extra layer of security to your house

  • Change Door Screws

One simple and cheap option to consider is changing the screws of the strike plate. Strike plates (the metal plate where the doorknob latch connects when closed), is what holds your door shut.

Unfortunately, too many front doors have strike plates that only use ¾ inch screws, which is terrible at keeping burglars out. These screws are so shallow, that one shove can yank the strike plate off and open the door. The strike plate is most often the first to give when the door is kicked.

That’s why you should install 3-inch ones. This way, it’ll take a lot more force to destroy the strike plate.

However, this method isn’t perfect. Your new screws will strengthen the weakest part of your door, but that doesn’t strengthen the entire door. If someone persists in kicking your door, your strike plate might not give, but your door jambs or door frame might; or the door itself might break. So while replacing your screws helps, you may want to pair it with other security methods.

All you’ll need are some basic handyman skills. If you know how to use a screwdriver, then you’re good to go. Just remove the old ¾ screws and replace them with your new 3-inch ones.

With these three improvements, you can turn your home into a safe haven from the dangerous world outside.

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